‘Just Bill’

The featured Artist at Inner Child Magazine for the month of December 2014 is my brother ‘Just Bill.’


Below is what I wrote at the magazine about my dear, dear friend. Check out what everyone else had to say here: http://www.innerchildmagazine.com/feature-of-the-month.php

‘Just Bill’ is more than just Bill to me.   He is foremost a trusted and respected friend.   I am truly grateful for and cherish our friendship. Bill is also my publisher and was willing to work with me and accommodate my quirks as an artist.   He is my fellow artist and he is a world-class poet in my opinion.   Oh how I wish I had a voice like ‘Just Bill’ when reading a poem aloud.   I often tease him about his smooth Colt 45 delivery seducing the listeners on his radio show.

“Just Bill” is genuinely the real deal.   He is ‘The Man’ in my book, forever passionate for the cause of humanity and the arts.   He has published a whole slew of work that will be his spiritual testament profoundly left for future generations to digest, enjoy and be encouraged to create themselves.

However, Just Bill’s greatest legacy will be his spiritual love.   Love in this sense is what inspires him to help others get published and share their unique voice with the mix.   Inner Child is the mystic self of ‘Just Bill.’   His deep spirituality understands how all of this creativity influences the collective conscious realm.   How creativity affects the positive, intelligent progression of humanity along the road of enlightenment.

Thank you for this spiritual love, ‘Just Bill.’   You are far more than ‘Just Bill’ to me.   Bless Up, my Brother….. William S. Peters.    Let your love continue to shine and peace out. !

~Keith Alan Hamilton~
Poet, Writer and Activist

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Bill’s Feature Page @ The Hamilton Gallery ~ Online.com http://www.thehamiltongalleryonline.com/blog/?page_id=211

Author: ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

~Keith Alan Hamilton~ is a Pro-Human, Social Activist Performance Artist and Mystic Philosopher. The full emergence of Keith’s artistically creative and socially proactive lived experience includes being an Author/Writer (Poet), Publisher and Editor. He is the creator of the book series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die ! The Images with Words Series: on the Road with ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ and the Muse Series. Keith is a fervent promoter of other social activist artists at The Hamilton Gallery ~ Online. Keith writes a spiritually philosophical blend of poetry and prose that’s often further pictorialized with his Smartphone photography. Keith is also an exhibited social activist artist and draws attention to the PRO-HUMAN message flowing within his creations through the act of performance art. While participating in charitable and athletic events, Keith artistically creates a body metaphor (wearing dark clothes with a hood) to bring back to light out of the darkness, to air out, and confront through the healing process of dialogue, those inhibitions and predispositions that work against finding any cure for societal ills. Read further about   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ 

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