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This is an Artist Collaborative of Words, Images, Sounds and more!  A gallery with the sole purpose of providing the artist who is a social activist and uses their art in a way to serve that cause, greater recognition, distribution & readership over the Internet free of charge.

My inspiration to offer the social activist artist (Poets, Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Painters, etc.) the opportunity to be featured here helps to put into motion the vision brought forth in my online book series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die !  Over a freely accessible and affordable platform like the Internet, a larger audience of people can experience, view and read artwork created in the spirit of social activism.  Generally speaking, an artist can get published and/or exhibited at a relatively moderate cost today; however, many artists, especially the social activist are not promoted and distributed to the point of where their creations can be viewed and/or read by others on a large scale.  It is my belief that many of these artists like myself are not as concerned with getting rich or being famous, but rather if their artwork has a contributory and beneficial effect on humanity,

In my opinion this brings to light the real mission behind the creative acts of a social activist artist……    the ultimate purpose within the act of creating art,  is for it to be used for the everlasting benefit of all humanity by using art to create change.

As a mystic and social activist who uses art to spiritually inspire and create change.  I firmly believe this freely accessible and affordable online gallery is creatively a living document (works of art in progress) with the never-ending potential to inspire change in others.  A place where people around the world on the Internet who view the evolving creative process of the artists featured here will over time be of benefit to them.  Why?  I truly believe that creativity breeds creativity.  The more creativity that is shared with others, where people observe and experience the entire creative process from start to finish, will be a real source of encouragement and motivation for humanity.   When the whole spectrum of people from young to the old can freely observe the full struggle to bring forth works of art in whatever form, they in turn will be inspired to be more creative themselves.  Then those inspired in such a way will bring forth works of art in word and image to be shared with others.   Eventually this creative process will collectively provide positive change to the overall well-being of humanity.

The Hamilton Gallery ~ Online.com, continuing in the living document tradition, is currently being converted to the WordPress Blog format.   All flash style flip-books including portfolios at The Hamilton Gallery ~ Online.com are being converted to the new HTML 5 format so they can be viewed by Smartphones.


~Keith Alan Hamilton~