Foreword for the upcoming Anthology dedicated to Janet Perkins Caldwell


We may rightly feel Janet Perkins Caldwell’s passing from this world was way, way to soon. That she had so, so much more love and peace to shine on us all through her words and deeds. However, whether we personally knew her well or not, if we chose to read her poetic words, we would have learned she lived a very rich and full life.

Under the tutor of her perceptive sensitivity, Janet deeply sensed and felt the full breadth of existence. Through the imagery of her words we experience the lowliness of her sadness, emotional pain, abuse, rejection, addiction, and then like a phoenix rising from the ashes,  how she could resiliently fly with hope to the height of love, joy and fulfillment. The very essence of Janet’s words when exposed to the reader reveals she was at heart a spiritual being of the highest order.  Her innate understanding for the oneness and interdependence of all things gave her the wisdom to create words of imagery that were real and original, at times very raw and yet so pure.  Her words always flowed with the spirit of love and peace. Janet’s intent behind this was solely for the purpose of touching the very fabric of the human soul.  She metaphorically showed us her humanness in such a way where we would say, “she gets it, gets us and we get her.” The reader will come to realize through the creative experience of her poetic words that Janet’s destiny is to remember her, truly as an artist who was spiritually, a Pro-Human, Social Activist in life.

On a personal note, I am fully confident Janet’s creativity through words and deeds, her humanitarian contributions to the world will be remembered by all those she touched with the spirit of her gentle love and peace.  Her spirit and friendship has enriched my life forevermore and I am a better human being for knowing her. Why? ‘Cause she was able to touch through poetry and deed the very fabric of my soul.

~Keith Alan Hamilton~
Fellow Mystic, Artist, Pro-Human Social Activist
and dear, dear friend to Janet Perkins Caldwell.
aka – Derailed Poet
Janet’s page at The Hamilton Gallery – Online:



The world has lost in body not only one of the great modern day poets, but an extraordinary human being as well. My dear friend and fellow social activist artist Janet Perkins Caldwell recently passed away from cancer. I am confident Janet’s creativity, words and deeds, her contributions to the world will be remembered by all those she touched with the spirit of her gentle love and peace.

Above all else, Janet was a spiritual being of the highest order and her path in life was to experience it from the perspective of a mystic. She revealed this spiritual path in the physical through the artistry of her poetic words. Her words in written form when read were found to be absolutely real, original, at times raw and so pure they would touch the very fabric of your soul.

I, as many others reap the blessings of knowing Janet Perkins Caldwell for sure. Her spirit and friendship has enriched our lives forevermore and we are better human beings because she was able to touch the very fabric of our soul.

Read more about Janet at The Hamilton Gallery ~ Online here:

Peace and Love….

~Keith Alan Hamilton~

His Grandchildren and ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ Please Donate !


Around the beginning of May this picture of Social Activist Performance Artist  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~  and his Grandchildren will be on the front cover of Keith’s upcoming book “Peace Out Poems (with Images) about My Abnormalities Normality” to be published by Inner Child Press (William S. Peters Sr.).

Social Activist Artists Madeline Sharples & Regina Walker will be co-writing the foreword to the book, as well as contributing their own poems and tributes to those they’ve lost to Suicide.  Keith will be doing two 16 mile Out of the Darkness walks for the AFSP.  He will walk first with Madeline in San Francisco and then in NYC with Regina.

If you donate to either walk, Keith will send you a free signed copy of his book after it is released.

San Francisco Walk with Madeline Tasky Sharples a part of Team S.O.L.E.S. (Captain Deborah Rose).

New York Walk with Regina A Walker a part of Team S.O.L.E.S. (Captain Debi Hoyles-Girardi).

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Congrats to Social Activist Artist William S. Peters, Sr. aka ‘just bill’

The Hamilton Gallery ~ was created for the sole purpose of providing the artist who is a social activist and uses their art in a way to serve that cause, greater recognition, distribution & readership over the Internet free of charge.

In that spirit I would like to extend a very special congratulations to featured social activist artist here at the gallery, William S. Peters, Sr. for his participation in The Kosovo International Poetry Festival.  The festival was attended by Poets from all over the Globe.

Bill Utah Summer

AKA ‘just bill‘ is a world renowned Poet, Writer and Publisher.

Bill’s book The Vine Keeper was showcased at the festival and he was named the ‘Poet Laureate’ and awarded The Golden Grape award.


Bill with award presenter Fahredin Shehu


Golden Grape Award Final

The three musketeers at the festival: Fahredin Shehu, Janet P. Caldwell, aka Derailed Poet and just bill.

3 musketeers

To commemorate this occasion, Bill has written a new book . . . ‘O Sweet Kosovo . . . dreams of Rahovec.’   This book is an intimate collection of short poems celebrating his wonderful journey.

O Sweet Kosovo Cover FRONT

Congrats again to you William S. Peters, Sr. aka ‘just bill’.

for more information about Bill visit his personal Web Site at :