Geri Algeri

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Geri Algeri resides in Broadview Heights, Ohio, with her husband of 33 years.  She is a non-denominational reverend, retired RN, mother, grandmother, and writer.  Her lifelong passion for expressing through poetry began as an elementary school ecology assignment that won national magazine publication. “Poetry is how my spirit breathes.”

Below taste the flavor of Geri’s poetry as her “spirt breathes.”

A Love Letter to Life

Life, My Love,
I have missed you so.
Why have I accepted
only the proper embrace
of arms adorned in silk
and precious gems?
Life, do away
with those fragile things
and hold me close
with arms of burlap cloak,
that I may know your heartbeat
in the viscera of me.
Let me come to
your sacred bed of challenge,
where passion is conceived.
Let me look into your eyes
that you may see our poetry
growing inside of me.
Caress me with your aged hands,
and weather my face with lines
that tell the story of our love…

© 2014 Geri Algeri. All Rights Reserved.

In the Gray of This Rainy Dawn

Driven rain on the rooftop,
the sound of heaviness slows to staccato,
the fog of sleep clings to wakefulness,
as brilliant dreams mottle,
in the gray of this rainy dawn

Warm blankets cradle naked flesh,
in the warmth of lazy bliss,
body unwilling leave the embrace,
and the day it is willing to miss,
in the gray of this rainy dawn

Alas, the world won’t wait
for today’s efforts until tomorrow,
and hardly knows the joy
of bathing in morning’s sorrow,
or the gray of this rainy dawn

And so, I force this body to rise,
to the jolt of chilly air,
and I stumble to the kitchen,
for coffee to prepare,
in the gray of this rainy dawn

I drink the liquid energy,
it steals the last of my dream,
the looming tasks of the day,
grow long and frenzied it seems,
in the gray of this rainy dawn

© 2014 Geri Algeri. All Rights Reserved.

Silent Companion

Sunset at the water’s edge,
I saw you standing there;
a man with childlike wonder,
disabled limbs, and wild, unruly hair

I watched the magnificence of your silhouette,
traced in golden sun,
as you watched the water-play,
and your heart yearned to have fun

Who are you that looked at me,
and knew that I was safe?
Why did you let my embarrassed eyes
search your earnest face?

The determination of your halting gait,
made my weary spirit soar,
in the power of your will to live,
your will to be, to experience so much more

How you made my soul smile
as you matched your sandy steps to mine,
and with nary a word,
shared an autumn sunset divine

Silent companion, wherever you are,
I want you to know,
that you are never forgotten,
no matter where you go…

~Edgewater Park 9/23/01~

© 2014 Geri Algeri. All Rights Reserved.

Visitor’s Departure

Dancing colors
of wine glass prisms fade,
as the sleepy candle flame
lies down in a soft bed of wax.
The clock ticks forlornly in the dark,
as the echo of a closing door
punctuates an evening
of soulfulness shared.
Like a familiar signature,
the visitor’s scent hangs
soothingly in the air.
Beyond the door,
footprints fill with moonlight.

© 2014 Geri Algeri. All Rights Reserved.

Born Into Social Contract

Born into social contract,
remote from state of nature.
Labeled with a number,
for my security,
just to breathe,
to eat,
to drink,
to live,
to be indoctrinated,
into the wilds of others’ greed,
where spokesmen for God,
heads of state,
and corporate kings,
are parasitic of my life force,
and of Earth Mother.
What contract did I agree to
at one minute old?
One decade old?
One lifetime old?
Sucked into a vortex,
yet my spirit lives in defiance;
breaching contract,
breathing in our Spirits’
deepest Dreams,
drinking from the flow
of humanity’s Creative Streams,
living the Questions,
one dare not speak,
No chains can confine me in Life,
nor in Eternal Sleep

© 2014 Geri Algeri. All Rights Reserved.

Magnificent Tree

Magnificent tree,
I remember you
From childhood,
For you cradled me
With the strength of Father,
And whispered to me,
With the tenderness of Mother
I have missed you so…
How I long to climb your
Branches and explore
Your quiet majesty,
How I long to be
Cradled in your arms
Once again,
That I might hear you
Sing a lullaby
Of each season,
As I realize my own…

© 2014 Geri Algeri. All Rights Reserved.


All enter the world,
And exit the world,
Penniless and alone,
Yet we fight as though
Power and wealth are eternal

From the wealthy to the indigent,
We all live and die,
Lose our loved ones,
Our health,
Our worldly things,

Warmongering wealth,
And abusive power,
Are but symptoms,
Of poverty of spirit;
Humanity’s terminal winter

Self-designated leaders haunted,
In solitude and dreams,
That which is eternal withers,
Isolated by guards and gold,
The price for greed

Nations rise and fall in bloodshed,
Under the Moon and Sun,
That ebb and flow,
In their commands
Of vast sky

Allowing the seasons,
Of winter rests,
And summer yields,
Without celestial war,
They nurture all of life

Nature teaches us peace,
Lessons as big as the sky,
Shining it o’r the world daily,
And we still don’t get it,

©2014 Geri Algeri. All rights reserved.


Tucked in the house
by a sleepy chill,
under a blanket of snow,
on rooftop and sills,
the holiday festivities,
have passed away,
just sitting in silence,
on this winter day,
as the scent of jasmine
warms the air,
and the smooth, hot teapot
defies the harsh cold out there,
the clock is ticking,
there’s no where to go,
inside, pipes are trickling,
outside, ice cicles grow…

solitude in a palace of crystal

© 2014 Geri Algeri. All Rights Reserved.

Re-Membering the Broken Heart

how I wish that I could restore your vision

with eyes of love

to heal the spirit

with trust that embraces authenticity;

the good,

the bad,

the ugly

and is tender with Fragility;
when pain is birthed
of choices made

Guardians of each others quiet




Stewards of safe peace,
to journey inward,
over the mountains
and valleys of life

to the pure, still waters,
where you saw your own reflection
In each other

falling in love with yourselves

and then with each other

melding into one spirit

that encompassed beauty,
without prejudice

eyes of love

brought rebirth,
directed your prayers
to stave off separation
and death

from your Oneness

you’ve come in alone,
you’ll depart alone,
embrace loosely
the All of You,
Each And Both

That there may be room

to Grow

to Share

to Learn

to have truly Lived

Unconditional Love

I hear the pain
of your silence,
and see the tears
of your heart
washing your face

trying to bathe away the blinding pain

how I wish
that I could restore your vision
with eyes of Love,
to Re-Member

And heal your wounded heart

© Geri Algeri 2014. All Rights Reserved.

This Floating World

Births and deaths,
laughter and tears,
poverty and wealth,
heartache and joy,
men and women,
girls and boys,
all sized creatures,
plants and trees of every kind,
on this floating world,
I see all in my mind,
on the Pale Blue Dot
we call Home,
and if our fragility were truly known,
maybe we’d be kinder to each other,
maybe we’d free compassion deep within,
and with our hearts truly See, “yours” and “mine”
“his” and “hers”
it all seems so pathetic and trivial
from way out here.

© 2014 Geri Algeri. All Rights Reserved.

Who Are You?

“Who are you?” you ask,
I study your face,
Seeing endless dimensions,
Behind your mask

I am everything,
Yet I am nothing,
I am silence,
Yet I sing

I am laughter,
Yet I am tears,
I am infant,
Yet I am master

I am the bumpy road,
And the wind in my hair,
I am empty,
Yet I carry a load

I am this moment,
Awareness now,
I am infinity,
Yet I am the quotient

I am, I am not,
“Who are you?
Friend, you seek the illusion
Of your own thought

©2014 Geri Algeri. All Rights Reserved.

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