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I write about what faces the average human being in just living each and every day without too much pain or too much stress or too much anger and the urgency and challenge of coping with those things.   I write about the comparisons between the huge things that make us happy and the small things that make us sad.   My poems call for us to see more, see further, be more and better and, again, more.   I write about expectations and our ability to fulfill them or fail to do the same.

I write about relationships–the cruel, the complicated, the simple, the joyful, the sexy, the fearful, the painful, the intense.   I write about what can go wrong, what does go wrong, how much beatings hurt and how much kisses heal.   I write about the terrors and wonder of childhood, the terrors and wonder of aging. I write about sexuality, partnerships and marriages.

I write about music, dancing, reading, aging, cooking, sex. I write about how fear can destroy the mind and the feelings of anyone.   I write about the intimidation of our peers, the strengths of our friends, the power of our enemies.   I write about war and insects and the smell of clean clothes.

I write about God––how “we pray to a God we do not love for those we do love;” about churches, priests, confessions, weddings and funerals. I write about a God we look for and seldom find.   I write about my mother who was mad and my father who was not.   I write about madness and how it can be contagious to those who come in contact with it.

In my newest collection, WHERE IT GOES, I speak as myself, someone who wonders, on a daily basis, where everything runs off to: Children, Friendships, Love, Family, Time.   I invite you to purchase the book, enjoy the poems and let me know, afterward, what you think. email me at martinanewberry @   (remove spaces)

Martina is available for readings, performances, workshops, and work in schools. She can be reached at: martinanewberry @ (remove spaces).

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