William “Wah Wah” Washington


William “Wah Wah Washington is a native of Spanish Harlem NYC.   A life long Epileptic and avid writer, William has an extensive history as a Poet/Motivational Speaker.   He is the author of the controversial book titled “The Nigger Chronicles/The Mispronunciation Of Who I Am”.   He also performs in the Off- Broadway cast of “Sistahs Black Like Me- Presents.”  William has opened up for the Classic Soul group “Delfonics Revue” on several occasions.   His ultimate goal in life is to elevate the mind/spirits of the downtrodden, all the while pursuing his life’s dream of becoming a best selling author.

Buy William’s book The Nigger Chronicles.

Waw Waw Washington on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jamesbondw1/videos

Picture of William Washington performing at Funkadelic Studios.


A poem by William.

My doctor calls it Depression.
I call her Bitch! This Bitch
just won’t leave me alone!
Every time I think I’m doing alright..
my mind/body & soul clear of the blues..
This bitch comes along.
Every time I think I’m in love
or could fall in love..
this trifling Bitch tells me
that she’s not going anywhere anytime soon!
Bitch I don’t love you!
Why do you love me so? Bitch
find yourself another man!
Someone who will marry you to his grave!
I want to live! Bitch
let me live!
When I’m on my knees praying
to my God above..
I refer to you under your maiden name..
“Lord Father God.. take her..
take Depression away from me..
If you please..
If you please”..
Today you tried to get back with me..
Bitch can’t you see..
Our relationship is over!
We are so done! Fore..
Today I fell in love with My God!
No more Depression!..
No more “You”! .. Goodbye.. Bitch.

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