Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah

Somuah, Michael Kwaku Kesse

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah lives in Ghana and an African Poet. International Poetry congresses and festivals have included his poetry presentations and writings in their programs.  He is an award-winning poet and has participated in Poetry events, readings in and out of Ghana, including Greece, Cyprus, South Africa etc.

As the National Youth Achiever in Literary Arts during the maiden awards by his Excellency the President of Ghana, Kostis Palamas poetry prize winner in Greece and Guest editor of Poetry Space-UK, he is being published widely in books, Literary Journals, Anthologies and newspapers in the UK, Canada, India, Ghana, Kalahari review-Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Pakistan, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, USA and other web hosting literary Magazines.  He uses his form of poetry in projecting brotherhood of peace, love and beauty in all style, and a distinguished member of United Poets Laureate International (upli-USA), World poetry Canada, Ghana Association of Writers’ (GAW), Omilos Eksipireton (Servers’ Society)-Greece, Tuck Magazine-UK, Indigo Dreams UK, Poetic Republic, among others.

Michael holds and Honorary Diploma Certificate in Poetry (Greece) and have his poems translated into other languages such as polish by Piotr Balkus, Croatian by Vinko Kalinic, Hungarian by Istvan Dabi, Greek by Vassiliki Ergazaki/Omilos Eksipiretiton and have had his poems displayed at University of British Colombia, Canada, read in Afghanistan and interviewed on Co-op radio 102.7 in Canada by Ariadne Sawyer

Michael was the Speed Mentor of Barcamp Ghana 2012, an Entrepreneur and have designed Creative Nation Initiative with passionate colleagues to promote arts whilst enhancing reading and writing in our schools and Communities.

He is an Assistant Director of Administration, a former student of Hermann Gmeiner School-Tema, Presby Boys Secondary School and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies from the University of Cape Coast, Institute of Commercial Management-UK, and finds poetry as a tool of promoting peace and conquering the opponent with love.

Email Michael at kmsogh @ gmail.com  (remove spaces).

Michael’s web site:  www.mkksomuah.wordpress.com.

Michael at the 22nd World Congress of Poets
Larissa, Greece

Michael’s portfolio at The Hamilton Gallery ~ Online.com: http://keithalanhamilton.com/portfolio/michaelsomuah/Default.html

“AGYANKA”, – The little Orphan
to all my Facebook friends, seeking a change

I notice you weeping little orphan
As you pace the ground
in your loneliness.
You have no voice to ask for the love
Other children smile about
You know only fear, hurt and terror.
Deprived of direction, you are a vessel
without a captain, tormented,
homeless, and cold. The tunes you whistle
contain no joy.
But I say, dry your eyes little orphan;
even the bravest men cry,
And I’m here now
to mend those torn pieces
‘Coz guardian Angels do exist.

All poetry and photos: Copyright Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah. No usage permitted without prior consent.  All rights reserved.

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