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I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba where I learned to walk on hard pack snow and deal with the inevitable fall through.  “Don’t panic!  You aren’t going to die. Take your foot out of the boot; then dig out the boot; and they won’t find your melting corpse in the spring.”  I attended high school in Calgary, Alberta.  The Cow-garians didn’t let me go until I could yee-haw like a pro.  While at UBC the yee-haw morphed into a tongue-curl call of a warrior princess.  (As you can tell I do like to joke.)  I obtained a B.A. in theatre and later a B.Ed.  I’ve taught both in Vancouver and Japan and traveled extensively.  Currently I am a stay-at-home, single mom and a frequent denizen of Vancouver Starbucks.  Between cups of coffee and chocolate croissants … of which my son gets to 2/3rd …  I also host a youtube channel.  There you can find voiced offerings of many of my poems, along with my Vlog,  Tales from the Tragic Sip.  I have four works available on amazon.  The links can be found below as well as the link to my youtube channel.

The Black-Wit Reveller

Nature, the black-wit reveller, to her requiem, Autumn
She clads no dirgeful ebony but dons veils resplendent
She performs a dance most seductive and vivacious
Summer retires in praise and awe …
at the gyrations and twirls the wind performs upon her

Carmine, amber, titian; vermillion, russet, citron—flushed
Fall to the ground, flagging, defeated, and wasted
The carousing carries on until every last sheaf alights
Lies forgotten, fading foliage, pitiful detritus
Evidence of a party long-since concluded

Nature stands upon the wreckage, naked and unabashed
Demanding of death, her beloved, bearded Winter
Way past last call, ice and snow, snow and ice …
to fill a forlorn and empty tumbler

They await out the night, under a blanket of ivory
Silent, bereft, and wondering
Wrapped in a crepuscular, cold embrace
Somehow still inviting

With sunrise arrives the most gracious of invites
Scrolled upon a crocus petal; Spring calls, come to high tea
Dressed in daffodil and verdant green
Budding arbour blossoms flowing from your hair
There’ll be be-fuddled fledglings to sing an accompaniment
I’ll expect you no later than April

(Published in Strays)

Seven Revisited

You see when not blinded by anger
You love when not seized by lust
Riches flow when freed from the poverty of greed
Glory shines when not soiled in envy
Change flowers when apathy melts
Awake from the catatonia of fear
Hunger evaporates when you realize you are full

(Published in Monsters)

The Poet’s Task

cleave the sky in two
slice from the world suffering
take hold and hurl it
… a disk of fear and spite …
into the coldest void of blue

(Published in Tattoo)

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