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Sam Francis is a singer-songwriter from Westborough, MA.  He’s been writing for the last 7 years and while some songs have a straight up folk rock vibe, others serve as ambient soundscapes without lyrics.  A lot of Francis’ early recordings were done in various apartment buildings with only a BOSS 4 track with on-board condenser mic.  Elliott Smith’s early recordings were the inspiration for experimenting with multi-tracked vocals, guitar, and keys – and often times recording songs in 1 take, writing lyrics on the fly.

Other influences in the beginning included Jerry Cantrell, John Frusciante, and Bob Dylan.  In 2008, Sam moved out to Phoenix, Arizona with a friend after getting his degree in Journalism.  There he randomly met up with “Anthony,” a music producer found via Craiglist.  The two collaborated and worked on the previously written “Koshabox” and “El Productivo.”  These are the most professional recordings Francis has done to date and can be found at his web site.

Since then, Francis has moved back to Massachusetts and occasionally plays open mics in the area.  Most notably the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA.  He also plays in an Alternative Rock band called “Miranda” and they’ve been together for 4 years, having just released their 1st album.

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Francis’ will start recording his 1st full length album in the Northampton area this spring and hopes to release it by late spring/summer.  Possible track titles include: The Rat King, Meteor and the Mysterio, Stripping, Dharma Face, Political Daze, Skin on the Fade, Misty, 13 to 33, and Another Grasp.

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Sam Francis playing the background music on Youtube for the poem from the introduction of the 1st book in the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die !

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