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My name is Anahit Arustamyan.  I was born in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1963 on the 21st of May.  I wrote my first poem at the age of eleven.   Some of my poems were published when I was in high school.  After graduating from university I had more works published in the local magazines and newspapers.  I am an author.  I have e-books on Lulu and Amazon.  I have published works in a few anthologies too.  I write poems in prose which are both lyrical and philosophical.  My works are rich in metaphors.  I love music and art.  Literature is my great passion.  I haven’t traveled much but the books I read gave me wings to travel all over the world through time and distances.

A sampling of Anahit’s style of poetry.

Who are you, white dolphin?  What are you searching for in this mysterious sea? Are you a wanderer like me?  Who knows what the waves may pledge?  Are you a sailor, white dolphin?  Do you know why the boats flee?  I have found you not to leave the sea for a blind coffin.  Let me cling to your fin! The naked truth isn’t bound to the lips of the sea.  That’s why the boats creep into the sky’s sleeves.  I have nothing but my blenching dreams.  Is the naked truth bound to a smoky inn?  The minds are taking off their clothes in the inn’s feast.  Who knows what is hidden in this mist.  The boats still flee without hearing their own din.  White dolphin!  I have found you to cling to your fin.

from The Phantom’s Dolphin by Anahit Arustamyan


Give your cancer to me!  My spine is an exploded bridge.  That tumour will become a pea among the big stones rolling to flee.  Let your cancer stick into my hip!  Could I steal your tumour from your very grip?  Who can see the edge of this mystic trip?  I would capture your cancer even with my knee.  Your pain is a pin stuck into my skin.  I know my sin.  I should hide my love in a silver tin.  My misery threw me into an empty bin.  I would hide your cancer under my skin.  I would let the pin prick my sin.

My poem ” Give Your Cancer To Me” is an alegoric and metaphoric expression of the emotions and thoughts about love and life and also about death.  Who can see the edge of this mystic trip.  These lines express all the philosophy of life and death.

from My Lyrical Tongue by Anahit Arustamyan

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