Stories and Fables and quaint little tales by William S. Peters, Sr.

When i first heard that Colt 45, smooth …. voice pouring forth the creative words of “just bill” (aka William S. Peters, Sr.) at a poetry reading, i knew i had found my brother, my twin so to speak in THE HUMAN RACE.  The BLACK & WHITE version of twins not defined by the bodily stricture of energy/matter and the color of our skin; twins in the physical, born of the SPIRITUAL manifestation, emergent within the reflective conscious experience of not “just being” …..   but THE PROACTIVE LIVING OF LIFE as an artist to inspire change for the betterment of all humanity.  i had just felt, the proactively dynamic, word imagery vibes of a fellow modern day MYSTIC freed from the shackles socially embedded within the classical interpretation of THE WORD.

My artistically creative journey on the road of Mysticism arose in SPIRIT from the soulfully enriched STORYTELLING of my Scot Irish grandfather often accompanied by the musical harmony of his fiddle and mouth organ.  Within the process of the artistically flavored word imagery brought forth by “just bill” in his book Stories and Fables and quaint little tales…….   you are going to experience the same kind of soulfully enriched STORYTELLING, that music of the spheres, only a modern day MYSTIC such as “just bill” can individually and uniquely create.

i often visit my spiritual twin in life at his home in New Jersey.   bill is also my publisher.  Why?  He gets the meaning behind the word imagery i write, no matter the form of its manifestation along the road of my creative journey using art to bring change for the betterment of all THE HUMAN RACE as a MYSTIC.   bill is a prolific writer and i have many of his books, ’cause he hands them to me in handfuls when i visit.  When he handed me Stories and Fables and quaint little tales…….   my hand shook from the vibrant spark of the energized spiritual emotion, wisdom and enlightenment flowing through it.   i instantly knew, as a fellow MYSTIC this was “just bill’s” modern day version of THE WORD.

Why did i write this review in STORYTELLING fashion? ……   its the only way i know how to bring honor to my spiritual twin in life and his supernatural ability of STORYTELLING to artistically bring change to humanity through word imagery for the everlasting betterment of all.   Please buy a copy of Stories and Fables and quaint little tales…….  and experience the art of a MYSTICAL GENIUS who soulfully creates beauty from the deep rooted spirit of LOVE !

Peace out humanity …..

~Keith Alan Hamilton~
spiritual twin of “just bill”

Author: ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

~Keith Alan Hamilton~ is a Pro-Human, Social Activist Performance Artist and Mystic Philosopher. The full emergence of Keith’s artistically creative and socially proactive lived experience includes being an Author/Writer (Poet), Publisher and Editor. He is the creator of the book series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die ! The Images with Words Series: on the Road with ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ and the Muse Series. Keith is a fervent promoter of other social activist artists at The Hamilton Gallery ~ Online. Keith writes a spiritually philosophical blend of poetry and prose that’s often further pictorialized with his Smartphone photography. Keith is also an exhibited social activist artist and draws attention to the PRO-HUMAN message flowing within his creations through the act of performance art. While participating in charitable and athletic events, Keith artistically creates a body metaphor (wearing dark clothes with a hood) to bring back to light out of the darkness, to air out, and confront through the healing process of dialogue, those inhibitions and predispositions that work against finding any cure for societal ills. Read further about   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ 

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